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Tuscany, Italy Landscape Photography Google MY MAPS map

Mads Peter Iversen
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This is a personal PDF-file with a link to my GOOGLE MY MAPS map of Tuscany in Italy. It covers the most famous locations in Tuscany along with a few extras. I describe where to park and some of the locations also has a link to my video covering the place. Right now there are 19 locations marked on the map and many more will come! Several of the locations have many opportunities for different landscape photos.

- Whenever I add a new location your map will automatically be updated.

- I do NOT add all locations I visit as some locations are too fragile to show or are on private lands.

- I have added some of my photos for inspiration and a link to the video where I visit the specific location (if I have covered it).

- The PDF also contains a link on how to use this map with Google Maps ("My Maps" and "Google Maps" are not the same). Or check this guide:

- You NEED to have a Google account to integrate this map with Google Maps. You can, however, see it in your browser without a Google account.

- This link is personal. I put a lot of time and effort into my work and ask you to not to share the link with other people.

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A digital map for Google maps with interesting photography locations in Tuscany, Italy

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Tuscany, Italy Landscape Photography Google MY MAPS map

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