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Timeblending Landscape and Seascape Photos

Mads Peter Iversen
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An in-depth tutorial on how I create most of my landscape and seascape photos.

- This is a 1 hour and 53 minutes video tutorial showing advanced techniques for experienced users. Most people with a basic understanding of Photoshop should be able to follow along.

- I use ADOBE PHOTOSHOP and CameraRaw (CameraRaw is a part of Photoshop and is more or less the same as Lightroom) to edit my photos, which is what you'll need too. I also use Adobe Bridge to catalog my photos, Lightroom does the same job here also.

What’s on the menu:

- Editing in CameraRaw and Photoshop (start to finish)

- NO 3rd party plug-ins or panels

- Realistic evolution of a photo during editing

- Working non-destructively

- Making seamless time blends to make the BEST photo

- Blending photos with and without luminosity masking

- Controlling tones

- Adjusting tones by comparison

- Working with colors

- + A technique for catching unwanted colors

- Adding flares, glow, and atmosphere to your photo - make it "POP"

- The Orton Effect

- Working locally on the image with luminosity masking

- Noise reduction and sharpening

- Liquify tool to perfect composition

- Includes 14 files for practice. These are for you to practice ONLY.

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Timeblending Landscape and Seascape Photos

15 ratings
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